For over 20 years, Bundaberg Discount Furniture has partnered with large furniture companies to pass on bulk buying discounts to customers throughout the region.

We’ve been locally owned from the start and remain proud to give access to outstanding furniture at low prices to people throughout the greater Bundaberg Region.

We enjoy a high level of support from our community which fuels a similarly high turnover rate for our stock. As such, we’re always bringing in new designs (so there’s always a pleasant surprise when you stop by our warehouse in Bundaberg). All of our stock is stored locally so when you make a purchase there’s never a long wait. We’re ready to deliver!


Come in, have a friendly chat with our team today and pick up that missing piece that will make your home complete.

Visit us at 28 Quay St, Bundaberg and have a look at our gorgeous affordable pieces in person or take a virtual stroll through our website and see what you find!